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About BRINGIT Digital

We specialize in taking companies online. Whether it be a startup, a small business looking to go digital or a medium to large business looking to customize their online experience.

With digital story telling we have about 10-20 seconds to pull a potential customer into our digital world, and our job at BRINGIT Digital is to creatively and functionally tell your businesses or products
converting this to a purchase.

We create the E-commerce platform and the information cycle to function and keep your market highly engaged. Creatively we set the stage for all these functions to take place.
Technically we build tailor made infrastructure and suggested plugins to allow trade to take place at a high and secure level.

Marrying these processes is where we BRINGiT Digitally together!

Backed by Leigo Industries

Tech Intelligence

We are backed by Leigo Industries, a tech business at the forefront of tech
intelligence and custom/bespoke software development.

Creating web platforms and digital products is not just all about making them ‘pretty or shiny’, in this fast moving tech arena its about functionality and up to date security etc. Websites need to perform at a high level to be competitive and as we create these digital products we have the ROI and future safeguard of each platform in mind. With the backing of our Leigo Industries technology we bring ongoing support as your business grows or changes and our industry experience assists in navigating these ever changing fields.


Custom Website Development

We can build a web/digital platform tailor made to your business needs. Our experience is based in creating dynamic visual experiences, technical structure and up to date processes. Our tech intelligence allows us to provide up to date plugins, apps and security measures with ongoing updates as they occur.

Our extensive experience across many fields bodes well for our ability to step into your world, translate your message and products and calibrate it to the digital tech platform resulting in state of the art websites, apps and interactive products with your very own personal touch.

We can inherit an existing website or platform, diagnose areas of concern and consult on creating changes visually and technically to better suit your businesses current needs.

Mobile + App

One of the most coined phrases in the world is ‘would you like fries with that’?. In current times, we at BRINGiT Digital backed by Leigo Industries tech intelligence have the ability to say, ‘would you like a mobile app with that’? We know that with an incredible online experience comes the next phase, the mobile app, the ability to have a brilliant online experience become a ‘portable’ purchase or use this ‘anywhere’ experience. We can build your very own mobile app and assist in taking your business through to the next big chapter.


In 2020 security is a very important asset and often complication. With new
technology comes security updates and changes, often a daily event and a subject that too often is left to the sideline. Our mother company’s tech intelligence (insight) means we have access to high level security updates and information as it happens. We apply security checkpoints and processes in all the projects we produce and continuously update the digital
platforms we manage in real time.

Migration & Integration

We provide migration and integration specialisation for clients wanting to move existing under functioning websites to new or updated platforms. We have experience with identifying existing functionality concerns when migrating websites and providing working solutions. Additionally we can address multi channel connectivity complications and in some cases build bespoke software solutions enabling our clients websites to connect between different add on apps and systems.

Dynamic Design

Our agencies distinguishing feature is the attention to dynamic design. We
believe an online or digital platform needs to draw one in, and keep them in. To do this the visual language needs to be state of the art and incredibly dynamic. We are not afraid of colour but if we need to be we will switch on black and white mode and make visual magic.

As technology shifts content is becoming more interactive, with written, visual and video content being pinnacle to online success. With our experience we can source content on your behalf or creatively edit content given to us.